Day 23 – Scatty and apparently absent…

Still resting.

My voice is yet to go cold…

But if it doesn’t come today, it is ok.

Tomorrow I go on with Mastering Mix! 

I have to admit, the last few days since the concert, over the weekend really – since I did my last practice actually, I’ve been feeling rather, well… scatty. 

Totally unfocused, not able to concentrate, lazy and tired.  Very unlike me!

Where has all this come from??? 

After all I’ve been taking a break to recuperate not to feel lazy and unfocused!  I have done a spot of yoga this morning but it hasn’t quite hit the spot…

Does doing my daily voice practice do something vibrationally speaking to keep me together, to focus me?

Is my daily voice practice a bit like a mantra meditation session that focuses and hones me in but with a range of vocal exercises instead?


Or is it the solar eclipse?


I don’t know. 

I do have a tendency to feel sensitive to eclipses and the phases of the moon…

I like this idea though, that my daily voice practice is akin to a mantra meditation session.

It certainly does focus my mind.  And if I concentrate hard on the vibration of the sound that does something too. 

So even though I am not chanting a particular mantra, maybe this is not important.  The benefits come from the act of concentrating the mind first thing in the morning and then something happens with the vibration of the singing practice.  Like it charges me up in someway.

The overall effect is that I feel transformed from sleep state to ready to face the day.

I have to admit, I don’t quite feel that way now!  Still in a bit of a sleepy, unfocused state even now!

So lets see tomorrow how I feel again after starting Mastering Mix to see if my focus has returned. 

In the meantime while my focus is apparently absent, I will have to take one step at a time to try and stay focused to do all I need to do today…

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